Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Are you vaccinated? 

I am fully vaccinated and I receive my booster 17th January. I decided to order a large quantity of rapid tests and get tested twice a week. I am taking this measure for everyone to stay safe and meet me with a peace of mind.

How flexible are you with our date times?

I believe that we must both respect and acknowledge the importance of each other’s time.  As I make every effort to be punctual and ready to have the best possible experience together, I expect my date to reciprocate.  If you are late by more than 10 minutes to our date, that time will be deducted from our overall time together.  On the other hand, if you arrive early, I ask that, for the purpose of discretion, you wait in your car or at a nearby shop.

What are your ‘stats’?

I’m 5’8 in height, and I’m 25 years old. I have light blue eyes and a beautiful smile. I only have ear piercings and I’m all natural. I have maintained a healthy life hygiene with regular workouts, yoga,  and a pescatarian diet. My photos show my figure in details, if you want to see more picture of me, you can visit my twitter or Onlyfans page.

What services do you provide?

I don’t like to say that I provide a service, I prefer to say that I provide an experience. I have an emphasis for connection and I don't like list of acronyms. I usually go with the flow, and I think it makes the best experience. I do understand if you have something precise in mind, please do ask and I will answer as long as we keep our initial communication professional.

What is your confirmation policy?

I always confirm my dates at least 24 hours prior. Please, respond to my confirmation correspondence by a minimum of 12 hours prior. If you don’t, it will be considered cancelled.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash. I do accept both CAD and USD but kindly note that it’s a 1:1 exchange rate If this is not an option for you, I can accommodate an e-transfer 1 hour prior to our date.  

Do you accept outfit requests ?

I happily take requests for outfits and will gladly model my beautiful collection of lingerie for you. Or if you would like to dress me in something you don’t see on my website  or my twitter, you can send a giftcard or an etransfer to contact@mlleemma.ca and I will happily purchase it for our date.

What is your deposit and Cancelation policy ? 

The deposit is non-refundable if you have to cancel.  But if you give me a 48 hours notice, your deposit will be applied to our next meeting. If you have to cancel the meeting with less than 48 hours notice, I will ask for a 50% cancelation fee payable by e-transfer or gift card.

Can I extend out date ? 

I love that feeling when time flies and we want to continue the fun by extending. Know that extending in the date is $700 per hour.

May I use you as a reference ?

Yes, if I have seen you in the last 6 months, you can use me as a reference. To avoid any confusion, please make sure to contact me before.​ I request that you only use me as a reference for a maximum of two occasions.


You can send me a love letter in return that I will post on my page What they say?.

Do you offer duos?

Yes! I love a menage a trois. Here website of women I'm comfortable with. If you have any specific companion in mind, let me know and we will figure it out.

Anastasia Bloom


Victoria Belmont

Nala Baez