Image de Embla Munk Rynkebjerg

About ME 

Greetings wise traveler, I'm happy that you found me. The adventurous journey starts here. With my French-Canadian upbringing, I have mastered English beautifully, which will make you appreciate my sexy French accent. As if my long statuesque figure was not enough to make your head turn, my light blue eyes will surely do.

I love doing outdoor activities and I’m always curious to try new things. Outdoor activities are a perfect date idea, as it allows us to reinforce our bond and conquer challenges together. I love to go on a romantic hiking date or spend a weekend camping beneath the stars. The foodie side of my personality also lead me to appreciate the city lifestyle. I have a hearty appetite for good food, and I enjoy trying new cuisines. I love enhancing my knowledge about different cultures by visiting museums and seeing architecture. If you are seeking action and adventure, I’m the perfect date for you. 

I can hold an opinionated conversation and my smarts will often leave you thinking about our discussion, even after our time together. Being a walking contradiction, I'm also open-minded and tolerant of others. I actively listen to what people have to say, no matter their backgrounds and social status. It’s fair to say that I enjoy deep and stimulating conversations.

Outside of being a professional companion, I am a student in physiotherapy, which I take very seriously. The responsible and hard-working aspects of my personality does not mean I can’t have fun. I practice self-deprecating humour daily. I think you will agree with me that playfulness is an important part of any relationship. Finding someone who you can laugh with will reinforce the connection and make it easier to be vulnerable. When joy is a habit, love is a reflex.

When I started in this business, I had no idea how positive the experience would be. It literally made me a well-rounded human, achieving goals and personal growth. I love to share intimate moments with kind and generous people. I have a preference for longer meetings, where we can have a genuine connection and great conversations. I want your experience to be the best it can be, let my smile change your world and my eyes steal all your words.

Until we meet,


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